The Committee

I’ve been riding ever since my grandfather stuck me and my sister of the back of a welsh mountain pony at the age of 4!!  I don’t think my riding has improved much in the intervening years, but I don’t fall off as much now days! Archie and I have been together for 9 years I bought him when he had just turned 3 years old. He is a funny character, he goes by the nick name of Kevin the Teenager! He does everything I ever ask of him, SJ, XC, dressage ... (yawn,yawn), hunting, Trec etc BUT he does it in his own way. We will never win prizes for style or panache but he does what it says on the tin! Love him to pieces!!
Joules Wickstead
The Chairperson & Member Secretary
I have been a member of EDRC since it started and have been, until this year, manager of the Club teams. I bought Pie as a 3yr old unhandled colt as my natural horsemanship project to sell on (ha ha). That was 12 years ago! He is the most gentle, sensitive horse I have ever met. Even though he is naturally very nervous we have had a go at everything from hunting to dressage. His and my great love is hacking over the forest and exploring the magnificent British countryside.
Ann Ward
Secretary & Clinic Co-Ordinator
I have recently taken on the role of Treasurer, I have been riding since a child and have competed in everything from team chasing to dressage. My current horse, Bird, has represented EDRC successfully in several area championships.
Jeremy Ward
Self employed hairdresser. Mother of a beautiful little girl. Riding since age of 4. Have a lovely little herd of horses in the family; Hugo (Sir Hugo), Turbo (by name and nature!), Peter Pan (I like to think I'm Wendy! Haha) and my daughters Jackel and Hyde pony Rolo who is adorable! Competed in all disciplines, show jumping being the main one! On the EDRC committee for approx 3 years now! I love running the show jumping competitions especially our show jumping championships (annual show) to see so many people have a lovely time is why I do it. I look forward to the future with the riding club as it’s always evolving and it’s been a great journey so far and looking forward to meeting more new people along the way!
Danielle Bond
Club Show Jumping competition organiser
I have been part of the Riding Club committee for three years and I love our little Club. We have heart and soul, a dedicated committee and our member support is wonderful. Starting off as Teams Manager we successfully got to Champs in 2021. I was also part of bringing Quest to the Club and our two teams go from strength to strength every year. I now focus on our Dressage Competitions. I love these days, the turnout gets better every competition and they are proving incredibly popular, with some great feedback from everyone who attends. These competitions along with the SJ comps bring much needed funds into the Club - which allows us to support the running costs, our Teams & to also buy new kit and show jumps for us all to use. On a personal note, I have a very cheeky turbo cob called Dexter. He is full of character and is a charmer. We have great fun hacking across Martin Down which is on our doorstep and we have even dabbled at Dressage. My boy can flick his toes when he feels like it. Sometimes we just hang out and they can be the best times. He is my buddy, my heart horse and my therapy.
Sally Laverick
Club Dressage competition organiser
Jo Tucker
Club horsemanship clinic organiser