The Chairperson & Safeguarding Officer

Joules Wickstead 

I’ve been riding ever since my grandfather stuck me and my sister of the back of a welsh mountain pony at the age of 4 !!  I don’t think my riding has improved much in the intervening years , but I don’t fall off as much now days !
Archie and I have been together for 9 years I bought him when he had just turned 3 years old.
He is a funny character , he goes by the nick name of Kevin the Teenager !
He does everything I ever ask of him , SJ , XC , dressage .. (yawn,yawn) , hunting , Trec etc BUT he does it in his own way . We will never win prizes for style or panache but he does what it says on the tin ! Love him to pieces !!


Ann Ward


Jeremy Ward

Membership Secretary

Fiona Runciman

Social Media 

Bryony Barker


Shaun Bridgeman

Entries Co-Ordinator

Adele Forward


Eleanor Merrick

IT/Web page and Dressage Team manager

Danielle Bond

Dressage Team manager

Sally Laverick

Showjumping Team manager

Sara Frampton

Showjumping Team manager

Anne Heyes

Catering and Shows Co-Ordinator

Retired Florist, but had horses since 1971. Far too many to count.

Bred 12 foals. Successfully shown and show jumped for many years.

Been running Horse Shows for over 37 years, Agricultural ones too.

Dorset Charity Horse Show Organiser from 2006 to 2017.

EDRC… Since start up.

Always ready to help anyone, get’s things done! Known for being a dragon! But a kind one!

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